How to play pokdeng cards

What is Pokdeng, and is it challenging to play online? The article below summarizes this with detailed instructions from 50 JILI experts.

Concept of Pokdeng online card game

Pokdeng is a card game from Thailand that uses 52 cards. The main goal in this game is to combine 2 or 3 cards for the highest total score to beat the dealer. pokdeng can be played with 2-6 participants, where one person will be the dealer, and the game takes place directly between the player and the dealer.

This game is quite simple to play and has a relatively high winning rate, so it is trendy. Nowadays, pokdeng has become a popular game in online casinos. If you are interested in participating in this game, we will learn about the rules and how to play Pokdeng in the next section.

Instructions on how to play Pokdeng cards for new players

Choose a dealer

To determine who will be the dealer in pokdeng, everyone will conduct an auction, whether for 1 or 10 games. The person with the highest bid will become the dealer. If no one wants to take on the role of dealer, the system will randomly select one of the 6 participants to be the dealer for that bet.

Distribute the cards

Everyone will start placing bets once the dealer and players have been identified. However, the bet amount will depend on the dealer’s initial money level. When the bet is completed, each participant will receive 2 cards.

Compare values

The most exciting and stressful part of the pokdeng game is when people compare the value of their cards with other players. When a player scores 8, all other players must open their cards and compare immediately. They compare the value of their cards with the dealer; Whoever has the higher total score will win. The bet will be divided in half in a tie, and each side will withdraw half.

Pokdeng scores

How to play Pokdeng cards uses 3 scoring methods, including by type of card, set, and deng. The player’s score and ranking will be determined based on how the cards are arranged after the game ends. Below are some ranking rules of the game:

Pok (8 or 9 points): This occurs when the total score of the player’s two cards reaches 8 or 9 points. The player with the Pok is considered an instant winner and does not need to draw additional cards.

Straight Flush: Occurs when the player has 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.

Three Cards: Occurs when the player has 3 cards with the same number of points.

Straight: Occurs when a player has 3 cards of different suits but consecutive scores.

Three Human Cards: Occurs when the player has 3 cards J, Q, K in the deck.

Normal: All cases that do not fall into the above categories.

How to score Pokdeng cards?

Pokdeng card-playing strategies

In addition to understanding the rules of the game, to win against the house you need to know how to play Pokdeng as well as the following shared experience:

Observe the dealer. Pay close attention to cases when the dealer does not draw more cards. Their total score likely falls around 7-9 points. Consider drawing a third card if your initial two cards are under 7.

Seize the opportunity. If the house loses consecutively, this could be because they have bad luck. In this case, take advantage of the opportunity by betting heavily. That is, if your total score falls to 6-7, you should not draw a third card.

Card combinations: if you have two cards that can form a flush, gray, or three of a kind, consider drawing one more card. This can help you double or even triple your bet.

Thus, the above article detailed how to play pounding, helping readers understand how to participate. Learning from experienced players will be a good way for newbies to grasp the knowledge and skills needed to increase their chances of winning.

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